Professional 200 Piece poker set with lockable aluminium case (With Numbers)

  • $39.00

From Great Range Products
New Professional 200 Piece poker set with a lockable aluminium carry-case
Chip Denominations 5,25,50,100

Every poker chip is laser cut with holographic effect under different light angles. Utilizing a high-tech clay composite with a metal core, these poker chips have full colour image stickers on both side. Great handfeel and weight, we know they will make your home games even more exciting!
The chip size is 40mm in diameter which feels good when you hold them. Each chip is made to specifications and is perfectly balanced to give the best effect.

The set includes
*carry case
*2 keys
*Dealer Button
*200 Chips
*50 Red $10
*50 Green $25
*50 Blue $50
*50 Black $100
*2 Decks of Playing Cards
*5 Dice

Chip Denominations 5,25,50,100

Official 11.5g chips made of ABS composite material with a metal insert for that great sound and feel of real poker chips!!


Weight 4.2kg
Carton Size 31cm x 23cm x 7.5cm.

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