Universal Motorcycle Stand Paddock Stand Lift (Supports 300kg) (BLack)

  • $54.90

From Great Range Products
New Motorbike Stand Bike Lift
Support motorcycles up to 300kg
12 Month Warranty

Universal paddock stand
Our universal stand kits are designed to lift your motorcycle for easy maintenance and repair jobs. Completely lifts the rear of any dual swingarm motorcycle for changing a tyre, tightening the chain, servicing brakes, or changing the oil. The stand works with virtually all sports bikes. The motorcycle stands are perfect for off-season storage of your bike to prevent dry rot or flat spots on the tyre and moisture damage from having your bike parked on concrete for long periods of time.


* Easy and safe to lift wheels
* Heavy duty metal construction
* Universal - fit most models
* Quality strong frame
* Extra torsional supports
* Extended raised handle
* Adjustment screws
* Support motorcycles up to 300kg


* Product Dimensions (L W H): 72cm x 52cm x 42cm
* Package Dimensions (L W H): 58cm x 48cm x 12cm
* Product Weight: 9kg
* Gross Weight: 9.8kg

- Colour: Black

Package Contents:

1 x Main Frame
2 x Wheels sets
2 x Screws
2 x Nuts
2 x Pins
2 x Rubbers

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