Pet Carrier Cat or Dog Cage Large, 60x40x40cm

  • $37.50

Pet Carrier Cat or Dog Cage Large

Airline Approved

Your pet is your best friend and if you could, you would take them wherever you go. If they are truly part of the family, they should travel like it, and now they can with this!

The Pet Carrier is an ideal way to transport your favorite animals and perfect for bringing them with you to a friend’s house, the vet or travelling just about anywhere.

Crafted from sturdy plastic and steel, it’s lightweight and well-built frame offers your pet plenty of visibility through every panel, while helps in keeping him or her calm during travel. When not in use, this pet travel carrier folds down quickly for efficient storage.

Whether you are traveling to the beach, taking off for a day trip, your pet can now come along in this carrier!


* Molded from high-density plastic for durability and longevity.

* Easy to set up, with handle for easy carrying

* Air vents on both sides for your pet's comfort, good for breeder to post by airline

* Suitable for pets weigh up to approx.10.5kg.

* Dimension: 60x40x40cm

* Colour: Blue


1 x Pet Carrier Crate (Large)

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