Solar Panel 200 Watt 12-36 Volt Monocrystalline Controller Z Brackets Cables

  • $259.00

New Solar Panel 200 Watt 12-36 Volt Monocrystalline With 30A Controller Z Brackets
3 Year Warranty

When you’re at home or out and about in the great outdoors, don’t let yourself go without the comforts of electricity. The Single Solar Panel kits, it’s the ideal power source for all kinds of camping and outdoor activities. It’s renewable energy that you can set and forget but also portable and so easy to use. Designed from grade A monocrystalline cells, it effectively absorbs sunlight to give you the best output and even comes with a 25-year output guarantee on the cells – ensuring you can guarantee both quality and durability!

It can charge a 12V deep cycle battery among other battery types, and comes with 90cm MC4 Connectors cable – everything you need to charge up on the road. On top of these great features, its hail resistant and comes with anti-reflective glass and a durable anodized aluminium frame so you know its quality is guaranteed.

*Grade A Monocrystalline Cell Panels
*Single Panel, Hail Resistant
*Aluminium Durable Frame
*25 Years Output Guarantee for Cells
*MC4 Connectors Male And Female (90 cm each)
*MC4 Connectors Male And Female (4M each)
*Mounting Kit Z Style Aluminium Brackets

*Max Power: 200W
*Open-Circuit Voltage: 39.65
*Short-Circuit Current: 5.86
*Max Power Voltage: 36.08
*Max Power Current: 8.94
*Dimension: 1590 x 825 x 40mm

*Solar Controller System Voltage 30A 12V/36V auto recognition.
* USB : 5V 3A
*Charge Control Mode: PWM
*Rated Current : 30A/36V
*Rated voltage: 12V/36V Automatic Identification
*Floating charge
*Under-voltage protection
*Under-voltage recovery
*Open circuit losses: 13mA
*Charge and discharge voltage drop: 0.2V|

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